Where to Buy a Pellet Heater in Tasmania?

If you are looking to buy a pellet heater then the good news is there are quite a few retailers in Tasmania that sell different brands of pellet heaters. Below you’ll find a list of retailers outlining where they are located, the brand of pellet heaters they stock and general price range. Remember to do your homework before buying a pellet heater, meaning visit the retailer, ask questions but also do your own research online at home. Read my post about advice on buying a pellet heater for some tips on what to be aware of or ask retailers when looking to buy a pellet heater.

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Pellet Fires Tasmania – Launceston, Hobart

Pellet Fires Tasmania pellet heater grace 13kw console
Pellet Fires Tasmania
$2500 – $5800

Pellet Fires Tasmania has been selling pellet heaters in Tasmania for over 15 years. They stock a range of freestanding, insert and hydronic pellet heaters. Heat output varies from 6Kw to 13Kw for pellet heaters and higher for hydronic models. The pellet boilers or hydronic pellet heaters they sell range in heat output from 18kw to 50kw. They service heaters but as a direct importer of heaters they also carry a large range of parts at very affordable prices for those who wish to do their own pellet heater maintenance. PFTas is probably the number one place to buy a pellet heater from in Tasmania due to their support, prices and range of heaters.

Central Coast Heating – Ulverstone

Haas+Sohn pellet heater.
Central Coast Heating
$2500 – $5800

Central Coast Heating in Ulverstone sell Pellet Fires Tasmania heaters and a Austrian brand, Haas+Sohn. The Haas+Sohn brand of pellet heaters are made in Europe, so do cost more but are extremely high quality and look gorgeous. They stock pellet heater parts but their prices may be higher than PFTas above and they may have limited parts in stock. They do not offer in house pellet heater servicing but instead contract out their servicing work to a contractor. If you are on the NW coast in Tasmania and looking to buy a pellet heater, Central Coast Heating is definitely worth checking out.

Bass Pellet Heaters – Launceston

White pellet heater.
Bass Pellet
$2750 – $6200

Bass Pellet Heaters sell pellet heaters they brand as the “Bass” range and more recently have started selling an imported Italian model, Palazzetti. Currently they have the Bianca Lux Palazzetti model in stock for those looking for a higher quality European pellet heater. Heat output on the models they sell varies from 9Kw to 14Kw. They also stock pellet boilers or hydronic pellet heaters. They are an importer of pellet heaters, so carry parts, but do not have in house pellet heater servicing. Instead, they contract out servicing via a contractor.

Tas Energy & Heating – Somerset

Grey piazzetta pellet heater.
Tas Energy & Heating
$4420 – $11000

Tas Energy & Heating sell Piazzetta branded pellet heaters. These are premium made in Italy heaters and the price reflects this. They range in heat output capacity from about 6Kw to 12Kw. They do service pellet heaters in-house but also use a contractor in some circumstances (primarily for customers who are too far away from where Tas Energy & Heating are located). If you are after something different then definitely check the Piazzetta pellet heaters out. Being made in Europe, they are amazing to look at and come in styles not available anywhere else.

Hunts Heating

hunts heating piazzetta
Hunts Heating
$9060 – $9830

Hunts Heating sell Piazzetta pellet heaters. The only model the currently have on display is the P230M. As they purchase the Piazzetta heaters from the same distributor as Tas Energy & Heating above, I expect other models are also available if requested. Again, Piazzetta pellet heaters are an Italian brand and very expensive but are extremely high quality. Being located in Hobart this is great for people living in the South of Tasmania as there are now two pellet heater retailers in Hobart, Pellet Fires Tasmania and Hunts Heating.

If you know other retailers in Tasmania where you can buy a pellet heater please let me know. Remember to ask the retailer if they sell wood pellets, because some retailers offer better prices on pellets than others. You may find that you can save money by buying your pellets from a different retailer. Also, please check out the Top 5 Pellet Heaters in Tasmania to see which heaters I recommend buying from the retailers listed above and why. If you are outside of Tasmania then I also created a list of the best pellet heaters in Australia, of which Piazzetta rank very well in.

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