Where to Buy Wood Pellets in Tasmania?

Tasmania has three pellet mills and you can buy wood pellets in Tasmania made by these mills at a number of retailers around the state. As of July 2023, expect to pay anywhere from $9.50 to $13.50 for a bag for pellets in Tasmania depending on the retailer and pellet brand. Below you’ll find a constantly updated list of where you can buy wood pellets in Tasmania, the type of pellets and prices. Feel free to join the Facebook group below and let me know of any other places to buy wood pellets. Please remember prices below may change. Best to contact the retailer for current prices.

Many people buy wood pellets and load them on their ute.

Here’s a quick list of where you can buy wood pellets in Tasmania. Keep reading to learn more about each retailer and pellet brands they sell:

  • Mitre 10 – $11.50 to $14.35 a bag
  • Bunnings – $13.45 per bag
  • Pellet Fires Tasmania – $9.50 to $13.00 a bag
  • Bass Pellets – $9.50 to $12.50 a bag
  • IGA/Hillstreet – $12.xx a bag
  • Tas Energy & Heating – $11.00 – $12.00 a bag

Mitre 10 – Statewide

Oakdale hardwood pellets $11.50 – $14.35 a bag

Mitre10 stock and sell Oakdale hardwood pellets and being statewide they are possibly the most convenient way for people to buy wood pellets. However, prices may vary depending on which Mitre10 you go to as some have different owners. As of March 2023 pricing is $14.35 for a single bag and $11.50 each for 10+ bags. Some Mitre 10 stores near Hobart offer a pallet for $10.00 a bag, but this does vary and you will need to ask in store. Some stores may also offer free delivery (again possibly south Tas only and only for a limited time) and you may also be able to use your Mitre10 rewards card to gain points and bring the cost down further.

Bunnings – Statewide

NSFP hardwood pellets $13.45

Bunnings stock NSFP hardwood pellets, essentially the same as what Mitre10 sells but in a different bag. They normally cost $13.45 a bag but you’ll find stores may have specials with prices around $12.50 a bag. Like Mitre10, Bunnings is another convenient place to buy wood pellets because they can be found almost statewide. However, not all stores carry stock and pellet availability may change week to week. Prices have increased recently and did go up to over $14.00 but dropped back to $13.45 to compete with Mitre10. They are sold by the bag and there is no discount for buying in bulk.

Pellet Fires Tasmania – Launceston, Hobart

EcoPellets Budget hardwood $9.50
EcoPellets Premium blend $10.50
EcoPellets Pine softwood $13.00

Pellet Fires Tasmania services both Launceston and Hobart. They only sell EcoPellets which are currently the best value wood pellets on the market. Pellets are sold by the bag and no discount is given for buying in bulk. However, they have what they call the Pellet Club, which basically means 5% of pellet purchases are accrued as points and can be used to discount pellet heater servicing costs. Delivery is not available but they are happy for customers to arrange their own pickup and delivery.and they do not offer discounts regardless of quantity you purchase. PFTas is probably one of the most popular places to buy wood pellets due to how long they have been in business.

Bass Pellet Heaters – Launceston

EcoPellets softwood $12.50 each for 10+ bags or $13.00 per bag
EcoPellets Premium hardwood $10.50 each for 10+ bags or $11.00 per bag
EcoPellets Budget hardwood $9.50 each for 10+ bags or $10.00 per bag

Bass Pellet Heaters in Launceston now appear to only stock EcoPellets. As of July 2023 prices have increased slightly but they now offer 10+ bag pricing, much like Mitre 10. Bass is a good place to buy wood pellets from as their 10+ bag pricing matches Pellet Fires Tasmania. Delivery may be available depending on location. If you think there is a big difference in hardwood vs softwood pellets then definitely checkout Bass Pellets for their different types of pellets they stock.

IGA and Hillstreet EcoPellets

EcoPellets Premium $12.xx

EcoPellets sell through a number of IGA and Hillstreet stores throughout Tasmania. Like Mitre10 and Bunnings it makes it a convenient way to buy wood pellets as IGA or Hillstreet are found throughout the state. The downside is pricing. Prices will vary from store to store but the further the store is from Lonnie or Hobart the higher it appears to be. Some stores offer a discount if buying a pallet, but again it depends and you will have to ask your local IGA/Hillstreet.

Tas Energy & Heating – Somerset

$12.00 a bag per pallet
$11.00 a bag for Piazzetta customers

Tas Energy & Heating in Somerset only sell by the pallet. For customers who purchased a Piazzetta pellet heater from them they offer a slightly discounted rate. They only stock one brand, NSFP (same as Bunnings). Delivery may be available depending on location and will cost extra. Please note their website has been recently updated and the page referring to pellet fuel was removed. They may or may not still carry wood pellets.

You can also buy a pellet heater in Tasmania from most retailers listed above (not all but most). If you don’t have a heater yet and looking for some recommendations, I created a top 5 pellet heaters in Tasmania and a best pellet heaters in Australia for people in other states. If you are in Tasmania you can see pellet prices updated daily at the Tasmania Pellet Heater Owners FaceBook group. If you live outside of Tasmania then see where you can buy wood pellets from the Australia pellet retailer list.

Tasmania Pellet Prices Update July 2023

There have been a few updates in prices in Tasmania in 2023. As of July, 2023 Bass Pellet Heaters in Launceston and Pellet Fires Tasmania in Launceston and Hobart both increased their EcoPellets prices. Bass pellet has now introduced a 10+ bag pricing structure, which brings their 10+ bag price in line with Pellet Fires Tasmania single bag price. Pellet Fires Tasmania is still the best place to buy EcoPellets as the price of a single bag is the same as if you were buying 10 bags or more. However, Bass now has the best prices on EcoPellets softwood in Tasmania.

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