Top 5 Pellet Heaters in Tasmania

Below I’ve created a short list of what I think are the top 5 best pellet heaters to buy in Tasmania. You’ll see the heaters are divided into categories, such as best value or best budget heater. This isn’t to say there aren’t other good heaters out there but I think the pellet heaters below offer the best in terms of each category they fall into. Let me know what you think the best heaters in Tasmania to buy are if you have some suggestions. Live outside of Tasmania in Australia? Check out the best pellet heater in Australia post to see what retailers in your area stock and which one might be right for you.

best pellet heater
Many consider the Grace the best pellet heater in Tasmania.

Best Budget – Matilda 6kw

The Matilda pellet heater sold by PFTas and Central Coast Heating is probably the best budget heater you’ll find. It’s great if you are looking for something small that doesn’t break the bank. It’s a budget heater that is ideal for heating small spaces (would make a good tiny house heater) or those who don’t need a lot of heat. It has all the same features you’d find on more expensive models but because it’s small it’s not ideal for heating large areas and the hopper only holds half a bag of pellets.


  • Low, low price
  • All the features you’d find in more expensive models, such as WiFi built-in
  • 5 year warranty for peace of mind


  • 8kg hopper only holds half a bag of pellets
  • Only suitable to heat small areas
The Matilda pellet heater is a great budget heater.

Best Value Overall – Grace 13kw

The Grace pellet heater packs massive heat output with a large hopper.

Sold by Pellet Fires Tasmania and Central Coast Heating, the Grace 13kw freestanding pellet heater has it all. I think is the best value heater on the market in Tasmania. A massive 22kg hopper holds just under two bags of pellets and it can crank out 13kw of heat if you need it. It’s great for heating all size areas from small to very large. Finally, it looks like a traditional wood heater, which many people love especially if coming from a wood heater. However, keep in mind that if running this pellet heater on high it will chew through pellets fast.


  • 22kg hopper holds plenty of pellets
  • 13kw heat output great for heating large areas
  • Heaps of standard features such as WiFi built-in


  • Running in high heat will use a lot of pellets
  • Price may not appeal to everyone as it costs about twice as much as the Matilda 6kw pellet heater

Best Value Runner Up – MacLeod Maxi 12kw

Similar to the Grace, the MacLeod Maxi is another great value pellet heater if you are looking for something that looks European in design but is priced reasonably. 12kw of heat makes it great for heating large areas and a 20kg hopper holds plenty of pellets. This heater is taller but narrower than the Grace. That means it takes up less floor space but the hopper is higher off the ground. Something to keep in mind as you may find the Grace with it’s lower hopper height easier to refill with pellets. Overall a great value heater but not as cheap as the Matilda. Available from both PFTas and Central Coast Heating.


  • 20kg hopper holds plenty of pellets
  • 12kw heat output will provide plenty of warmth
  • Heaps of standard features such as WiFi built-in


  • Running in high heat will use a lot of pellets
  • Price may not appeal to all and costs the same as the Grace pellet heater
MacLeod Maxi pellet heater offers great value and looks a little different.

Best Value European – Palazzetti Bianca Lux

The Palazzetti Bianca Lux is a high quality European pellet heater at a reasonable price.

Sold by Bass Pellet Heaters, the Palazzetti Bianca Lux is a European made heater. While more expensive than the PFTas made in China heaters, it is much cheaper than other European brands, such as Piazzetta pellet heaters, but still offers that unique and high quality European design. A nice 12kw heat output and a good sized 22kg hopper make this a great choice for someone wanting a high quality European heater with good heat output at a reasonable price. However, while it may be one of the cheaper European models, it is still much more expensive than non-European pellet heaters.


  • European style and design
  • 22kg hopper holds plenty of pellets
  • Most affordable European pellet heater


  • Expensive compared to non-European models.
  • Wifi does not come built-in and costs extra.

Best Style – Piazzetti P944

If you are looking for a pellet heater with some serious style then check out the Piazzetti P944 pellet heaer sold by Tas Energy & Heating. It’s a freestanding pellet heater with a great design like a traditional wood heater and I think is absolutely gorgeous. Not only does it look great and come with high quality European design but it also packs 9.2kw of heat output and a decent sized 18kg hopper. Definitely for someone looking for something different but it is very expensive and won’t appeal to everyone due to the high price tag and unique look..


  • European style and design
  • 9.2kw heat output should be good for almost everyone


  • Most expensive European pellet heater brand
  • High price but average features such as 18kg hopper which holds just over one bag of pellets
The Piazzetti P944 offers great style but at a cost.

Top 5 Pellet Heaters in Tasmania Summary

Hopefully the above will give you some food for though if you are looking to buy your first pellet heater or upgrade to a newer model. What I think the best pellet heater in Tasmania is will obviously differ to someone else, but for me it comes down to cost, size, features and aesthetics. I strongly recommend visiting pellet heater retailers in your area as pellet heaters aren’t for everyone and make sure you ask the pellet heater retailer plenty of questions before you take the plunge.

PFTas Matilda
PFTas Grace
PFTas Maxi
Bass Palazzetti
Tas Energy & Heating Piazzetta P944