What’s the Best Smallest Pellet Heater in Australia?

Looking for a pellet heater but only need to heat a small area? Below you’ll find my recommendations for the smallest pellet heater in Australia, which would go well in a tiny house, caravan or if you don’t need a massive heater and only want to heat a small space. I’ve listed more than one heater mainly because where you live in Australia will affect what heater you can buy and also I think it’s good to have a few options to consider and decide what’s right for you. Either way, all the pellet heaters below have the smallest size available today and I am sure any of these will work well heating whatever small space you have.

Best Smallest Pellet Heater Overall – Piazzetta Cleope

smallest pellet heater in Australia Piazzetta Cleope

The Piazzetta Cleope is what I think the absolute best smallest pellet heater you’ll find in Australia. It’s heat output is 2.8kw to 6kw and physical dimensions of the heater just 49cm x 51.2cm x 96.6cm. There are a few other Piazzetta models with a similar heat output but the Cleope has the overall smallest size. The good thing about the Cleope is that while it’s small it still come with a good sized hopper.

The 15kg hopper capacity will hold one bag of pellets, which is small compared to bigger models, but that’s the trade off if you want a small pellet heater. There are other Piazzetta pellet heaters and other models out there that come close to the Cleope but none bundle compact size with good hopper capacity.If you absolutely must have the smallest pellet heater without many trade offs then this is the clear winner in my books.

Expect to pay around $5,610 for the Cleope. Piazzetta pellet heaters have always been expensive but they are extremely well made and high quality pellet heaters. In Tasmania this pellet heater can be purchased from Tas Energy & Heating but outside of Tasmania please check the where to buy a pellet heater in Australia for a list of retailers near you.


  • 49cm x 51.2cm x 96.6cm in size
  • 2.8kw to 6.0 kw heat output
  • 15kg hopper capacity
  • Weighs 85kg

Best Smallest Pellet Heater Runner Up – Botany Exclusive

The Botany Exclusive comes in very close behind the Piazzetta Cleope and is only nudged out by the Cleope being 2cm overall smaller in physical size. It measures 49.8cm x 52.3cm x 96.7cm in size overall, which is still very small. If the Botany Exclusive isn’t available where you live, then the Botany standard model is only 2cm overall bigger than the Botnay Exclusive.

While slightly bigger than the Cleope, this extra size gives you a bigger hopper. You’ll also get slightly more heat output. You’ll fit 17kg of pellets into the hopper, just a tad over one bag of pellets and it can crank out up to 8.6kw in heat. It can heat an area up to 180m2.

The Botany Exclusive will set you back about $5,490 again depending on where you live. It’s slightly cheaper than the Piazzetta Cleope and still an extremely well made and high quality European pellet heater. Retailers can be found on the buy a pellet heater in Australia post.


  • 49.8cm x 52.3cm x 96.7cm in size
  • 2.4kw to 8.6kw heat output
  • 17kg hopper capacity
  • Weights 97kg
smallest pellet heater in Australia Botany Exclusive

Best Smallest Pellet Heater in Tasmania – Mini

smallest pellet heater in Australia Mini

When it comes to actual physical size, the Mini, at least in my opinion, is the absolute smallest pellet heater you will find anywhere in Australia. So why isn’t it at the top of the list? I didn’t list it as my number one pick because it is only available in Tasmania. It’s super small measuring just 46.3cm x 51cm x 74cm and weighs 70kg. This little heater is noticeably smaller than either the Piazzetta Cleope and Botany Exclusive.

Being so small, however, comes with a price. The hopper capacity can hold just 8kg of pellets, just over half a bag and with a heat output of 6kw will heat an area up to 100m2 in size. Regardless, if you absolutely must have the smallest pellet heater out there, then this would be your best bet. If you live outside of Tasmania, I believe freight can be arranged but I think when buying a pellet heater it is always best to buy from a local retailer or one at least in the same state.

The Mini will set you back about $3,000 in Tasmania. It’s a Chinese made heater and you can see the huge difference in price between the Mini and both the Cleope and Botany Exclusive. This pellet heater is available from Pellet Fires Tasmania and Central Coast Heating. Check their details on where to buy a pellet heater in Tasmania post.


  • 46.3cm x 51cm x 74cm in size
  • 2.7kw to 6.0kw heat output
  • 8kg hopper
  • Weighs 70kg

Other Small Pellet Heater Brands

This isn’t a complete list of all the small pellet heaters in Australia. It is, however, a list of the three I would recommend someone to buy based on quality of the pellet heater AND support and service backing them up. Two other small pellet heaters are the Bass 10 from Bass Pellet Heaters in Tasmania and the ZLKM08 from Biomass Heating Australia. I didn’t list the Bass 10 because it’s not as small as the Mini and only available in Tasmania. The other model, ZLKM08, the retailers website leaves a lot to be desired. Bass Pellet details can be found on buy a pellet heater in Tasmania and Biomass Heating Australia on buy a pellet heater in Australia.

Which Smallest Pellet Heater Should You Buy?

If you have 2 or 3 of these models in your area, then which one is right for you depends on possibly price, style and features. If you absolutely must have the smallest pellet heater and either live in Tasmania or are happy to pay extra for freight, then I’d strongly recommend the Mini. It’s very small and would still do a great job at heating a small room or tiny house. Just keep in mind that such a small size means it won’t hold many pellets, so I wouldn’t buy this heater if you are looking to run it 24/7. Also, don’t let the price fool you.

If you are outside of Tasmania or want to buy local and only have the Piazzetta Cleope and Botany Exclusive, then I think it would come down to two things. First, what’s more important: fashion of function? There’s minimal size difference between these pellet heaters but the Piazzetta might be more stylish and aesthetically appealing. Both a high quality pellet heaters but Piazzetta heaters just have something special when it comes to design. If function is more important then the Botany Exclusive wins. It’s got a bigger hopper and will pump out more heat if you need it. Either way, both are great heaters and practically the same size.

Just a final note. Don’t let the cheaper price of the Mini turn you off. There’s nothing wrong with pellet heaters made in China and expensive pellet heaters are not always better. It’s why I strongly recommend buying a pellet heater locally and asking the retailer questions regarding support, service and warranty. A pellet heater is only as good as the retailer who supports it. And on that note, I hope you found the list of smallest pellet heaters in Australia useful. Until next time, happy heating!