How to Fix E8 Error Code on a Pellet Heater

E8 error code for a pellet heater means the exhaust is blocked. A pellet heater exhaust is usually blocked due to excessive ash build up. However, it could also be blocked due to a bird or other foreign object stuck in the flue. If you experience an E8 error code while your heater is running, shut it down and follow the steps below to troubleshoot and prevent it from happening again. It’s important to fix this error as your heater won’t be burning efficiently or clean even if it does not shut down and you’ll experience a lot more ash and clinkers than normal.

e8 error code

What to Do if You Experience E8 Error Code

First, clear the E8 error on your pellet heater. Hold down the thumbs up button until your heater makes a beeping noise. This will clear the code from the screen and you can start using your pellet heater again. If this does not clear the code, then switch the heater off at the wall, wait a few seconds and switch it back on. The code should be cleared. However, before starting your heater again, you will need to find out what kind of blockage caused the error code.

What Causes E8 Error Code

E8 error code is caused by a blocked exhaust in your pellet heater, generally due to ash. Pellet heaters burn much cleaner than wood heaters but still produce ash. Not all ash produced by burning pellets is found in the burn chamber or ash pan. Ash found in the burn chamber and ash pan is the normal type of “heavy” ash. Lighter ash or fly ash builds up deep within the exhaust system of the pellet heater. This is why pellet heater should be serviced and deep cleaned at least once a year. This can be done yourself and involves removing side panels and exhaust access ports to clean ash build-up that creates a blocked exhaust and E8 code.

The other reason your pellet heater exhaust may be blocked is due to something in the flue. This could be ash build up again but also might be a bird or bird’s nest. Cleaning the flue with a flue brush will remove any ash and the flue should be cleaned once a year. While unlikely, it is also possible that a bird has gotten into the flue and become stuck. If your flue is not capped properly a bird may have also built a nest in it. To fix this you’ll most likely have to get on the roof, remove the flue cap and get the bird or nest out. However, the most common problem is ash build up.

How to Prevent E8 Error Code

To stop E8 error code occurring you will have to deep clean your pellet heater and clean the flue. Deep cleaning the heater includes not only the burn chamber but also removing the sides to gain access to the chamber under the exhaust fan and also the pipes that connect to the heat exchanger. The flue should been cleaned also using a flue brush. This will probably take a few hours and can be done by yourself or by booking your pellet heater in for a service with your retailer.

E8 Error Code Summary

An E8 error code indicates that the exhaust system on a pellet heater is blocked. This is usually caused by a build-up of ash in either inside the pellet heater or the flue. While pellet heaters produce less ash than wood heaters, wood pellets still produce a small amount of ash which over time can build up and cause a blockage. The E8 error code can also be caused by a bird or other foreign object stuck in the pellet heater flue.

To troubleshoot the E8 error code, first shut down the heater and hold down the thumbs up button until the heater beeps. If this does not clear the code, the heater should be switched off at the wall, waited a few seconds, and switched back on. To prevent the E8 error code from occurring, deep clean the pellet heater and clean the flue at least once a year.

The PFTas pellet heater manual will provide some brief and basic information about Error codes.