Piazzetta SY Range of Pellet Heaters

Piazzetta specializes in producing high-quality heating solutions of which their pellet heaters are world class. You may have seen in my other post about the SC Range of Piazzetta pellet heaters and how they are Piazzetta’s affordable eco-friendly and efficient home heating option. However, for those who value luxury , high-end design and don’t mind paying for it, the SY Range is a superior choice. The SY Range is made with finer quality materials and boasts better heat distribution with its patented Multifuoco System. Although the SY Range of pellet heaters come with a higher price tag, they provide unparalleled quality and design that is not found in the SC Range or other other brand of pellet heaters on the market.

sy range piazzetta pellet heater

Benefits of the SY Range

The SY Range of pellet heaters from Piazzetta offers several key features and benefits, including:

  1. MultiFuoco System: This patented system ensures that hot air is forced out from the bottom of the heater, providing an even and consistent distribution of heat throughout the room. This feature is particularly useful for larger spaces or open-plan living areas where a more uniform heat distribution is desired.
  2. Italian, hand-finished ceramic Majolica cladding: The SY Range of pellet heaters is clad in Italian Majolica ceramic, which not only looks beautiful but also has excellent heat retention properties. This means that the heater will continue to radiate heat even after it has been turned off, keeping your room warm and cozy for longer.
  3. Remote control with an LCD display: The SY Range comes with a remote control that allows you to control the temperature, fan speed, and timers from anywhere in your room. This provides convenience and flexibility, allowing you to adjust the settings without having to get up from your comfortable spot.
  4. Stainless steel humidifier: The SY Range includes a stainless steel humidifier that sits on top of the heater, allowing you to achieve the ideal degree of humidity. You can also add a few drops of aromatic oil to create a pleasant scent. This feature is particularly useful during the colder months when the air tends to be dry.
  5. Energy Saving Function: This feature automatically lowers the heat output and shuts down the heater once the desired room temperature is reached. It will restart automatically when the temperature starts to drop, saving wood pellets and providing efficient and energy-saving heating.
  6. Ducting with dual fan: The P963C and P963M models of the SY Range come with a dual fan, allowing you to duct your heater into other rooms of the house. This provides independent climate control and allows you to heat other parts of your home.

SY Range Models

The SY Range of Piazzetta pellet heaters includes a wide range of models with varying heating capacities and features to suit your needs. In total there are 15 models, which are all freestanding and some allow for ducting to distribute heat to another room in the house:

ModelOutput Power

What Makes the SY Range a Better Choice than the SC Range

Both the SC and SY pellet heaters are quality Piazzetta models. While both models are high-quality and offer similar functionally and features, the SY range is generally considered a better choice if you are looking for a luxury high end pellet heater. One of the main factors that make the SY range superior is the materials used. The SY range features Majolica ceramic cladding, which not only looks stunning but also has excellent heat retention properties. Yes, this cladding retains and releases heat much like fire bricks in a wood heater. In contrast, the SC range is made out of steel, which is less expensive but not as visually appealing or effective in retaining heat.

Another reason for the superiority of the SY range is its MultiFuoco System, which is a technology found only in Piazzetta pellet heaters that provides even heat distribution by blowing hot air out from the bottom of the heater. The SC Range vents hot air from the top of the heater, which can result in uneven heating. The MultiFuoco System is useful for larger spaces and provides more uniform heat distribution. The room fan is situated at the bottom of the heater and heats the room from the bottom up. Most other pellet heaters have the fan at the top of heater, resulting in the lower half of the room, especially near the floor, being much colder than the remainder of the room.

When comparing the Piazzetta SC and SY ranges of pellet heaters, one of the most significant differences is the number of heaters available in each range. The SC range has six models to choose from, while the SY range offers a much wider selection of fifteen models. This means that there is a significantly broader range of options available in the SY range, which can cater to a wider variety of needs and preferences. You also get a wider range of colours and unique designs.

Additionally, the SY pellet heaters come in heat output of up to 11kw and 12kw. SC pellet heaters are mostly 6kw or 8kw with only one model offering 10kw of heat output. If you want maximum heat or a higher amount of heat output, then the SY models offer a much wider choice. More heat from the SY models means they are a better option to heat larger spaces or open-plan living areas where more heating power is required. While the SC models are a more affordable option, the wider range of options and higher wattage available from the SY models make it the superior choice for those seeking maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Lastly, the SY models have a more unique and aesthetically pleasing design than the SC models thanks to the beautiful Majolica cladding. The SY range offers a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, allowing for greater customization. SC heaters, like most pellet heaters, especially Chinese pellet heaters, are made from steel and come in usually dull, dark or very plain colours with simple designs. The SY models of pellet heaters are absolutely beautiful to look at and come with designs that are second to none.

Where to Buy Piazzetta SY Range Pellet Heaters

If you’re looking to buy a Piazzetta heater in Australia, the availability might depend on where you live. In Tasmanian, for example, you’ve got Tas Energy & Heating up north and Hunts Heating down in Hobart that both stock Piazzetta heaters. Tas Energy & Heating has been selling them for ages and has a wider range of models to choose from. So if you’re after a pellet heater in Tasmania, those are two good places to start looking, depending on where you live in the state.

For those of you who live outside of Tasmania, there are plenty of other Piazzetta retailers scattered throughout Australia. I actually put together a list of all the retailers I could find in Australia so you can find and buy a pellet heater that is local or as local as possible. There are other models besides Piazzetta pellet heaters in this list but it’s a good place to start if you aren’t sure where to buy a heater from.

Final Thoughts on the Piazzetta SY Range of Pellet Heaters

Piazzetta pellet heaters are amazing heaters and the SY range takes this level of quality and design to an entirely new level. Don’t get me wrong, the SC range is good but it’s nothing compared to SY models. If you absolutely must have the best money can buy and are happy to pay for it, then definitely check out what SY pellet heaters have to offer. I personally prefer value for money but the simple truth is I can’t afford to buy a Piazzetta pellet heater.

If you are like me and can’t afford a Piazzetta but don’t want to buy a Chinese pellet heater then don’t worry. There are other European pellet heater brands out there with great designs, such as Palazzetti pellet heaters, which while more expensive than the budget Chinese heaters they are cheaper than most Piazzetta pellet heater models. Nonetheless, I think overall the SY Range of Piazzetta pellet heaters is hard to beat and if I was looking to buy a European pellet heater and had the money I would definitely be considering a SY pellet heater from Piazzetta because they truly are amazing.