Piazzetta Pellet Heaters: What Makes Them Special

If you’re in the market for a new heating solution for your home, Piazzetta pellet heaters are an excellent option to consider. Made in Italy from a company that has been in business for decades, Piazzetta pellet heaters are possibly the most well designed and beautiful pellet heaters available on the market today. However, such excellent quality and design comes with a hefty price tag. While there are many Piazzetta models available, below you’ll find a list of features found on most if not all of their models as we take a look at what makes these luxury pellet heaters so special.

piazzetta pellet heater features

Here’s the low down on what makes Piazzetta pellet heaters stand out. Basically, they are very high quality, offer unique designs and come with heating features and technology not available in other pellet heaters. Read on below for more details:

  • Very high quality and unique European designs
  • Advanced technology and features (low hopper sensor etc.)
  • Extremely reliable due to high quality parts

Programmable Operation

Piazzetta pellet heaters have a programmable operation feature that allows you to set the heater’s schedule and monitor its operation remotely. The included remote control enables you to turn the heater on and off, during a day or week, using text message or the app via Wi-Fi. However, you’ll find that most pellet heaters on the market today have a similar feature. Only in the USA will you find pellet heaters still being made or sold that do not come with Wi-Fi capability. Most pellet heaters, no matter where they are made or brand, come with the ability to switch the heater on and off using a timer.

Multifuoco System

The exclusive Multifuoco System ensures an even room temperature. The system draws air from high up and releases the warmed air at floor level, creating natural convection currents that evenly distribute the heat throughout the room. The Multifuoco System avoids the layering of heat near the ceiling and ensures heat at floor level, making temperature in the room much more uniform and provides a higher level of comfort.

This is definitely a unique and very useful feature. The majority of pellet heaters, even other European brands, heat a room via a fan that is placed at the top of the pellet heater. Air is drawn in from the bottom and then blown out the top of the heater as hot air. What this does is cause air near the floor in the room to be colder than air that is higher up in the room.

Ducting with Multifuoco System

Piazzetta pellet heaters have ducting options available via a simple ducting system, allowing you to heat other rooms in the house. Ducting can be made horizontally or vertically, providing heat to the floor above or below. This ducting is connected to the Multifuoco fans and is easy to install and attach to the pellet heater.

Ducting is not common on pellet heaters. Part of the reason is because pellet heaters are space heaters and when you add ducting you are starting to heat multiple rooms. You’ll need a pellet heater with a lot of heat and have to run it on higher if you want to heat multiple rooms compared to just the room the heater is in. However, this design is extremely handy and it will still provide a greater level of comfort and warmth in other rooms than a pellet heater without ducting.

Thermo Solutions

Thermo solutions use a biomass fuel and can supplement or replace the boiler in a traditional system, renovating it and improving its operating costs. These solutions are available in different models that share the same structural sturdiness and high performance thanks to the new boiler with a high heat exchange capacity.

Most pellet heaters are not boilers or hydronic pellet boilers. In Australia this kind of setup isn’t very common. However, if you are looking for a way to heat your house and rooms then the Thermo solutions are a great option. Keep in mind that you’ll have to install pipes and radiators to move the hot water around and heat the house but a pellet boiler provides a level of comfort that normal pellet heaters can’t.

Natural Mode

Natural Mode is a feature that allows you to enjoy silent convection heating. The forced ventilation system is turned off, and natural air movement is created by exploiting the temperature differences in the room, distributing the heat more gradually and quietly.

Most non-European brands of pellet heaters do not have a silent mode, so this is definitely a good feature. It appears to be a feature in European made heaters only and if you are worried about or would prefer much quieter operation, then this is something you want in your pellet heater. Just remember this will only switch off the room fan. Pellet heaters need an exhaust fan to keep the fire going but there will be reduced noise as the room fan won’t be running.

Hand-Crafted Majolica

Hand-crafted Majolica is a type of glazed ceramic material that is used in the production of Piazzetta pellet stoves. It is made by pouring a liquid mixture of clay into a mold, allowing it to dry slowly, and then firing it in a kiln at high temperatures. The resulting ceramic material is then glazed and fired again, producing a hard and durable surface that is resistant to scratches, heat, and staining. The hand-crafted Majolica provides an artistic touch to Piazzetta pellet heaters. With over 40 colors and different finishes, this feature is made exclusively in Europe’s largest Majolica production facility.

This is very unique and beautiful. Most pellet heaters are made from steel and while they can have beautiful designs, they don’t come close to the beauty of the Majolica on Piazzetta pellet heaters. With such a wide range of colours and designs, this feature alone makes Piazzetta heaters stand out from the crowded pellet heater market. If you want something in your lounge room that raises eyebrows, then you want this in your pellet heater.

Easy Loading

Piazzetta pellet heaters feature an easy loading system that allows you to refill the pellet hopper easily. The sliding top of the heater called Rolling Top, made of Majolica, ensures simple opening and closing.

This is definitely nice to have as it makes loading pellets easier. The majority of pellet heaters have a metal lid that you either lift up or lift off and rest on the heater. There’s not much functionality benefit here but a rolling lid is nice and just makes the process of topping a pellet heater up much easier and simpler.

Top-up Warning

Pellet heaters both display a top-up warning when they need to be refilled. A sensor in the tank allows the pellet level to be monitored constantly and warns you when it reaches the minimum level, with an audible alarm and a message on the remote control.

You’ll find this feature isn’t common on the majority of pellet heaters on the market today. It’s definitely handy because you won’t need to constantly check the hopper to see if you are getting low on pellets. Again, this isn’t something super advanced and high tech but instead, like the rolling hopper lid, it’s something that is handy and nice to have. It makes owning a pellet heater much easier and more enjoyable as you have one thing less to worry about.


The Multicomfort feature ensures ideal room temperature regulation. You can measure the heat level in the room where the remote control is located with its thermostat, and adjust the flame power so as to bring the desired room up to your ideal temperature.

This is essentially a wireless thermostat, which is definitely handy. Most Chinese pellet heaters have a wired temperature sensor. This sensor connects to the back of the pellet heater via cable and the sensor is usually attached to the back or bottom of the pellet heater. These wired sensors work fine but since they are typically close to the pellet heater, sometimes you find that in a large room some areas may be cooler as they are further away from the pellet heater. The wireless sensor means the pellet heater knows the temperature where you may be sitting and provide enough heat to warm the room more evenly.


The included humidifier feature ensures that you have the right level of humidity in the air, making the room feel even more welcoming. Additionally, you can use scented fragrances to enhance the atmosphere.

This is a very unique feature and not found on many pellet heater models. Check FaceBook groups and forums and you’ll see that some people often talk about how “dry” the air may be due to the pellet heater. Many of these people put a metal bowl filled with water on top of their pellet heater, which is exactly what Piazzetta has built into the heaters as a feature.

Where to Buy a Piazzetta Pellet Heater

If you live in Australia and outside of Tasmania, the good news is that Piazzetta is what most pellet heater retailers stick. The brand is the most common on the mainland and I created a post that shows where you can buy a pellet heater in Australia along with the models they stock and their contact details. If you live in Tasmania then there’s some good and bad news. First, you can still buy Piazzetta pellet heaters in Tasmania but they are only available from Tas Energy & Heating in NW Tasmania or Hunts Heating in Hobart, which carries a very limited range. I’ve also created a Tasmanian buy a pellet heater post that lists all retailers along with prices and brands they stock.

My Thoughts on Piazzetta Pellet Heater Features

The majority of these features above, excluding the Multifuoco system, aren’t major advances in pellet heater technology. Instead, they are nice to have features that make owning a pellet heater easier or add a level of functionality which is handy. I love the Multifuoco system which helps heat a room more evenly with fan at the bottom of the heater and that it can be ducted. Also, the Majolica sides on the pellet heater are absolutely beautiful and really add that something special to a Piazzetta pellet heater. Just be aware that the above features are not available in all Piazzetta models, especially the Majolica cladding.

So are the above features worth the sometimes double the price tag that Piazzetta pellet heaters come with. There’s no denying that Piazzetta heaters offer a level of quality that is second to none. However, is it worth the price? I think the only way to answer this is to decide for yourself if functionality or “fashion” is important to you. There’s nothing wrong with more budget orientated pellet heaters. All pellet heaters function essentially the same but some, like Piazzetta have unique features that provide that something extra. However, are you willing to pay for that?