How to Fix E2 Error Code on a Pellet Heater

An E2 error on a pellet heater is triggered when the fire in the burn pot does not light. You’ll experience this when switching your pellet heater on to heat your room. Instead of the fire starting the pellet heater will shut down and display the E2 error code message. This error is caused by either a blocked burn pot or a faulty igniter which prevents the fire from starting. It’s rare but some pellet heater parts do need to be replaced, luckily the igniter is one of the easiest parts to change in a heater and can be done by anyone.

e2 error

What to Do if You Experience E2 Error Code

If your pellet heater is displaying E2 error code then you need to clear this error. Press the thumbs up button and hold it down until your pellet heater beeps. This will clear the error and you can try and start your heater again. If the error does not clear, switch your heater off at the wall and switch it back on after 10 seconds or so. Before starting your pellet heater again you should troubleshoot and find out what caused the fire to not ignite in your heater.

Blocked Burn Pot

First, check to see if the burn pot is blocked. This could be caused by clinker build up or the air holes in the burn pot could be blocked. A blocked burn pot means air cannot flow through the pellets and the fire will not start. Take the burn pot out and empty it into a bin to remove any ash or clinker. Next, check the air holes on the burn pot. Use a screw driver to make sure none the air holes are blocked. Put the burn pot back in the pellet heater and switch it on. If the heater does not start again and E2 error code is displayed then there is a chance the igniter is faulty.

Faulty Igniter

If your burn pot is not blocked then the igniter may need replacing. Igniters have a limited life and will eventually wear out. Your igniter may be wearing out and not getting as hot enough to start a fire or possibly not heating at all. The easiest way to check if the igniter is working is to switch your pellet heater on and wait until it starts the shutdown sequence if the fire does not start. Open the door to see if you can smell pellets or hot air. If you can’t smell anything then there’s a chance the igniter needs to be replaced. Replacing an igniter is easy but if you are unable to do it please contact support.

If you are certain the E2 error is being caused by a faulty igniter you can start your pellet heater manually if needed. The easiest way to do this is to in the how to manually light a pellet heater article. Basically, take some pellets and put them in a cup. Add some metho and let it soak into the pellets. Place the pellets back in the burn pot, light the pellets with a lighter, close the door and switch the heater on as you normally would. With the pellets already burning the fire will take hold and you will be able to use your heater until you can get the igniter replaced.

E2 Code Summary

If you’ve experienced an E2 error code a pellet heater then most likely your burn pot is blocked or the igniter needs to be replaced. Clinker build up is common in burn pots, especially for cheap pellets, so that’s why it’s recommend to empty the burn pot daily. Igniters eventually need to be replaced, so it’s also a good idea to keep a spare one on hand. If you don’t feel comfortable replacing the igniter please contact support for assistance to have it replaced. If it’s the middle of winter you can manually light the fire until you get it fixed.

The PFTas pellet heater manual will provide some brief and basic information about Error codes.